AquaSixio (aka Cyril Rolando)


Cyril Rolando is a France Native who makes digital art part time while working as a clinical psychologist.

“My artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style… in one word : Otherworldly.”

“Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki are both the roots of my own world. I like the surrealism movement, especially the work of Boris Vian and his Foam of the Daze (l’écume des jours). I like the absurdity, the creativity, and the enchanting universes, where colors bring more emotions than thousand smiles or a million tears.” 


“I am curious [about] life. I admire the work of the time, the evolution of societies, the change of thoughts, the human revolutions….how drops after drops are born oceans. I choose the pseudo-Aquasixio to put together my favorite element with my favorite digit. My characters are often lost children or [on] a quest for their truth (and not THE truth). Their stories are quite sad but the darkness of life is more inspiring than happy and safe people, in my opinion.” 


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