Hell is Personal

*Image courtesy of AquaSixio

When you’re going through Hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time.

I realize it’s kind of morbid at first glance, but when you really soak the meaning of that quote into your brain, it becomes empowering– it fuels your suffering with insurgence.

Hell is personal.

Hell is deceptively elusive.

Hell is without time, meaning, dimension, cause.

Hell is happening now. And to those of you who fear the infinite sentence of going to hell for whatever reason, you need to understand that your fear is not of something to come, but of something happening now— something you may or may not have caused yourself.

Think about all of the suffering happening in the world, and then think of your idea of hell. Can you imagine any of those things happening right now? I’m sure many of them do, aside from the images of ghouls and demons– those take human form on Earth… Once we understand that Hell is now, here, among us, constantly thriving on fear, misunderstanding, prejudice and hatred, we can begin to understand the truth of our lives here on Earth. It does’nt matter what happens after you die if you don’t live here and now! Live on Earth right now– realize the Hell is now. And the more you fear it and stay away from it, the more power it has to destroy the unpretected. Who fights for the Earthly salvation of the oppressed?

Don’t you all see? The selectivity of religon, is alrady a damnation of those who don’t ‘understand the message’. What the fuck does that even mean?

Everyone deserves salvation, now. Here. On Earth. This is Hell. A broken world without passion and connection; without love, peace and mutual respect. This is hell. 


And we’re all damned if we don’t open our fucking eyes and do something about it.


-RL. 2017.


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