Image Courtesy of AquaSixio


I don’t need to start from the beginning, just where i am at currently

the feelings of undesire draw my attention

the lack of attention catalyzes my cravings

for love, and joy

for happiness, simplicity

why are people afraid of the cold

when i warm myself every day

and every night

all my life

i have been my own blanket

i hate the feeling of being less than

what happens to the equation that is always less than?

i bet negative infinity has a shitty life,

maybe we are the same, though.

Who is the greatest less than in this universe?

What i want is not what wants me, in fact,

who, or what, even wants me enough to get me?

none. no one. not a single soul has requested my company.

I hate it. I’m done with it.

My computer erased all of my poetry, and yet i still write it. I still continue to write.

a teacher once told me that poetry with darkness was ugly. ugly and undesired.

She said that she

could be dark all on her own

yet i still have yet to see someone who shares my darkness.

I am alone,

on my own

I am my own blanket in the

dark. Dog Days

Im bipolar. Im convinced of it

and you know I’m not just happy writing poetry so informally, its as if i have nothing to actually say

just things to do.

you know my emotions are all over the place, and I’m tired of feeling like I’m not good enough for something.

a friend texted me today


for the 7th time

maybe more

complimenting my dumbest of achievements

he just wrote to me the sweetest words

he loves this ugly green hat i wear

it matches my eyes he says

im Polish he says

and he finds me

searches for me.

with a desire that i didn’t even realize until he actually tried

but i still can help but want something else with some one else

but each dog has its day, and you know what?

i may just adopt one.

I’m weird, is that okay ?


Thank you to the beautiful soul who contributed this poem. I really want to discuss this more in depth. What do you guys think?


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