Upcoming Projects & Updates #important

Hey Drifters! So we have some recent news of some new projects coming up on the site, which will remain secret for the time being as they are prepared.

We have recently posted an update on our FB page and Twitter page regarding podcasts. Unfortunately with the creation of current projects, our podcast prep sessions seem to have come to a halt for the time being. We will be posting the podcasts a little less regularly, so if you have an interest, be sure to subscribe via email and on iTunes. Links can be found on any of the podcast pages.

On to some news!

We recently have articles feature on the site Friends For Good, so be sure to like and check out their site!

We in the midst of a book review for another blogger, more news on that come next Monday.

We are in the process of narrowing down future projects. If you have a request or an idea, let us know! Some of our ideas include: #365daysofgratification, #makingyourdreamsareality. #thecreativeprisonerproject, #prisonethics, #neardeathexperiences, etc.

Thanks for your support in these early stages of our little blog life (-:l>




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