Image courtesy of AquaSixio.

“I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.” – James Joyce


than what you’ve been accepting.
than all that you have chased.
than every.single.tear
that has fallen out of

when you realize that every lie,
was never worth your time
you can sell your watches
­                                                                                              you have too many, anyways

one day, you will look into the sky
it won’t be dark,
you will walk outside
the light you see– will not be from the moon,
the shadows that surround you– will not be those of demons
pulling you to down to Hades:
your blanket will not be misery
you won’t simply wake up, alleviated by fate
you will have to fight
wars against yourself– the worst kind imaginable
are up against the odds of giants
not even a troll– would attempt to cross the bridges that you must build
but you can do it
you must learn to live with a shield in your hand
­         and a bow on your back
and               eventually
one day,
you will look into the sky
it will be white and pure
you will walk outside
the light you see– will be that of the sun’s glow
the shadows of the tress will dance in your presence
persuading you to climb their swaying branches
lifting you towards the high heavens
flowers will float into your hair
yet           slowly                             someone               will                              approach
carrying a diamond-laced, gold ring, inside a crafted, red-silk box
in awe, you will notice his glowing amber eyes
­                       then his face
you will see, is painted with delicate metallics             alluring metallics
but you won’t be swayed, for there is fire in his eyes
slowly you will reach towards the box
­      you’ve spotted the disguise
with the shield you have gathered; bow is in hand
untamed– you are savage
unfazed by the lures of man
ferocious– savage
he is not what you desire, rather lust
but you will walk across the bridge you’ve built–
­                based upon trust
away you will go, from all that harms
as you come to see the light
not a soul will tempt you away


Copyright 2016-present.


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