Experience​ Project: Growth List

Growth List: A list… (cough* cough*) that you or I might make if we begin to feel as though our lives are becoming a bit monotonous and adventureless. Growth Lists are a tentative list of things you would like to accomplish. This is sort of similar to the idea of bucket lists except Growth Lists contain those things which you would like to accomplish despite your dislike for these things. The Growth List’s main objective is to jumpstart your growth as a human while opening your mind to the possibilities the world has to offer outside of the confines of your close-minded, fearful, status quo way of being. 

Important Growth List Qualifications:

  1. Remeber that a Growth List is Meant to be challenging. If you are able to complete all of your tasks without some form of mental discomfort, then you need to start rethinking the items that you have placed on your list.
  2. Growth Lists, though not the same as bucket lists, can still include things you would like to accomplish. One example, that you will all see included in the list below, is sky-diving. I am sure plenty of people would like to add this activity to their list of accomplishments. However, the factor that makes sky-diving appropriate for my growth list, in particular, is the fact that I have anxieties concerning heights. You may not need to place sky-diving onto your List because you’re already a total adrenaline junkie who has jumped into a volcano with nothing but the clothes on your back (I don’t know?); so for this reason, it is important to keep in mind that your list will be totally subjective to the mental state you find yourself in right now.
  3. Subjectivity is king, I tell you, king! Let me reiterate that point: Subjectivity in a list like this is totally amazing. It allows you to check off items, and as you continue to grow you will find yourself making completely new lists, or creating alterations of the same things you would like to work on.
  4. Make the List Existential & Meaningful. Please do not place items on your list such as, ‘get a boyfriend, lose 10lbs, be popular,’ and other things of that nature. They only hinder your growth by forcing you to focus on external means of happiness that you cannot control. See some of my items below for ideas. Really take a look at your internal state of being and create items that involve positive action, or actions that you can act upon at any moment without relying on other factors coming into play. Of course, you may have a few items that rely on your ability to be patient, but patience is different than materialistic shallow goals. I think you all know what I am talking about, here (-:
  5. Don’t focus on happiness, focus on growth. This is essential for you to enjoy and value all that the growth list can offer you. Always remember that the list is for your betterment, it is not meant to make you feel depressed or depleted. However, remember that happiness is never guaranteed and that happiness is not actually the goal in making a growth list.
  6. Trust the process. Trust yourself, too. Be patient for change, be accepting of any new challenges that present themselves to you. Throw in a few fun things that will help you grow in other ways, you’ll see some bizarre things on my list, but once again these are subjective to my goals and thought processes.
  7. Do not put yourself in danger with any items on your list. PLEASE.

Have fun, Drifters! & Make sure you share your lists with me!

On to my personal list *(may be missing a few things as I add to it over time):

DB’s Way to Getting Shit Done & Growing Wisdom Even a Redwood would be Jealous of

  • skydive
  • get rejected
  • eat jelly
  • travel alone
  • cold shower (not by choice, but still…done)
  • hold a tarantula
  • talk to someone you don’t know about something you are passionate about
  • go on a date with someone you’d never usually talk to (give someone a chance!)
  • wear a ridiculous outfit in public (already past this one, guys)
  • do the opposite of what you want to for a day
  • tell someone you think is attractive that they are attractive
  • write a deep poem and put it somewhere public whether that be online or outside
  • hang out with someone you don’t like
  • meet someone new in a place you’ve never been
  • tell someone you love them
  • camp in the elements
  • make a documentary
  • do things out of order
  • do something full-heartedly
  • refuse to let negativity into your sphere for at least one day, aim for a week
  • go to a social event that you never thought about going to before (ghost tour, karaoke night?)
  • be quiet in a conversation, no matter how badly you want to interject or even respond (let’s be mysterious!)
  • sit alone and think about nothing, meditate in public
  • feel sad and just acknowledge it, allow it to eat you for a minute then let it leave
  • ask someone for their life story, listen.
  • tell someone they’re meaningful to society, tell them they are doing just fine
  • pay for someone’s meal
  • ask someone you don’t know for advice
  • make a move towards something you hope for, make a move away from fear
  • do something when you feel like being lazy
  • just live and decide you will find happiness no matter what
  • kiss someone first
  • kiss someone for no reason
  • ask someone to buy you lunch– make yourself humble.
  • Go cave diving
  • travel to Israel
  • Learn another language
  • ‘speak’ only in sign langue to a person who is Deaf. Sign to a Hearing person.
  • Forgive those who have hurt you. Forgiveness is for you, not them.
  • Follow only your logic for a day, a week?
  • Follow only your heart for a day, a week?

*Add more when you can & send me your lists/add them to the comments!

Keep Drifting~~~*~~~*~~~~*~~~~*



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