Success and Ambition: A Cheeky Little Lesson on the Importance of Speech

(5-minute Read) Brace Yourselves.

Irresponsible. Lazy. Foolish. This is what his teachers called him.

But for now, we’ll just call him Billy G.

The story of Billy G is one that should give you a lot of insight, and if at the end you don’t understand, I encourage you to simply ask.

Since he was just a young boy, Billy was always positive that he would do big things with his life; he was going to be the CEO of a major corporation. However, Billy’s teachers seemed to think otherwise; he just didn’t have the grades he needed to succeed in life, “You’ll never amount to anything,” they told him, “At the rate you’re going, you won’t even be graduating high school.”

But Billy just knew that he would amount to great things. He knew that he would own a huge corporation and he knew that he would make millions of dollars, regardless of what anyone believed about his ability and work ethic.

Well, as he entered high school, Billy began to plan his life: he began by finding a name for his company, then by deciding who he would hire. Billy’s parents pleaded with him to work harder towards his academics, but Billy once again stated that he was going to make it big, his life would be better than no other. Billy’s teachers disliked his confidence, they didn’t believe in him, or his dreams. Billy refused to give up hope on his dream to own that major company. Every night when he got home, he would research what it took to build a business empire. Every night, Billy emailed inventors and business moguls asking them how they became successful. They told billy to pursue his passions, regardless of what others had to say, they told him that everyone would do what they could to put him down.

Billy’s ambition drove him forward, and he began to invent. He drew blueprints for his new ideas, and he shared his creations with his friends…. except ………..

they laughed at him. Everyone seemed to be laughing at Billy now, and he couldn’t understand why. But Billy was not discouraged. Billy was so dedicated to his dreams that all he saw were the big, metallic buildings which he was going to design himself. Gold, bronze, silver: they would be the most magnificent buildings anyone had ever seen. His company would truly be like no other, he was sure of it.

Yet, his grades continued to slip, and once he reached his junior year of high school, he dropped his courses. His teachers, his parents, and his friends urged him to go back to school and just finish his education, but Billy knew that 2 more years of high school had nothing to offer. The people at that school had been the very people who laughed at him after all. So Billy moved on and began to put his plan into action. He was never to return to his high school days again. 

And do you want to know what happened to Billy G.?

I have no idea.

Uhm. What do you mean? What happened to him??

How the hell should I know?????? 

Then what the hell was your point in posting this article??

It’s actually quite simple!

When you speak, speak with a purpose and an open mind. The minute you open your mouth, those around you are going to expect you to have something worthwhile to say. When you begin to speak, know your purpose, and believe in it.  Speak confidently, speak as if those around you want and need to hear what you have to say.

For when you speak without purpose, you might as well not have opened your mouth to speak at all.

Imagine this as a speech with such an awkward pause that the silence in the room is deafening. It was hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed reading (and my minor self-dialogue)!

PS. If you would like me to finish the story on Billy G. Go ahead, ask me in the comments!


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